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About us

Miss Jamaica Diaspora Pageant's  main focuses are to encourage positive achievement,
promote healthy lifestyles, encourage academic achievement and charitable involvement
while helping to develop strong values, leadership skills and social conscience. Our goal is to
help our young women to become positive mentors and leaders within the community, who
will continue to foster and promote positive change within the Jamaican Diaspora.

The Miss Jamaica Diaspora supports opportunities for all delegates to improve self-confidence.
The organization prepares the contestants by working on:  

·    Public Speaking
 ·    Self-Value Awareness
 ·    Food & Nutrition
 ·    Deportment/Etiquette
 ·    Teamwork/Communication Skills
 ·    Entrepreneurial Empowerment

The organization promotes the importance of community service, as well as tertiary education
to the contestants. Thereby, facilitating growth in our contestants to advance their careers,
personal and humanitarian goals, and to become role models and confident leaders in society.

The winner of the Miss Jamaica Diaspora competition becomes an advocate for the charity arm
of the pageant, The Galleon Foundation that provides financial scholarships to disadvantaged
children in the USA and the Caribbean.